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IVS Application Center has been pioneering innovations in consular services for almost three decades. We understand, respect and comply with ever-changing country specific regulations. IVS Application Center supports diverse customers globally including Corporate Clients in India, by processing their visa applications and providing specialized consular services. We have crafted a deep understanding of customer service through working with millions of visa applications. We respect our customers’ needs and treat them with a high degree of professionalism. Due to our unique approach to serve our customers, IVS is recognised as market leader in visa facilitation services for Diplomatic Missions globally.

IVS Global is a specialised consular services and attestation outsourcing entity that assists Embassies and Diplomatic Missions worldwide. Our solutions enable Consular and Visa Departments to focus exclusively on decision-making, leaving the entire administrative management of data, financial transactions as well as, passports and documents handling to IVS Global Services. Our global presence fosters a persistent perfection in areas of expertise including anticipation of national regulatory trends as well as physical and electronic safety monitoring. We represent the Embassy of India as a Visa Centre and therefore every aspect of our process is driven to maintain high levels of expectation for service delivery. Coupled with a unique working culture that is driven by integrity, commitment and precision, IVS Europe GmbH is proud to be the Embassy of India’s partner in Germany.

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