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    Please note that effective 11th April 2022, Covid19 Safety Surcharge fee of 1.5 € will be charged extra and above over the Service Fee. The Covid19 Safety Surcharge Fee is not calculated in Fees Structure as it is temperoray for a period of 4 months.

  • Residents of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen–Anhalt, Thueringen, should submit their applications to the Berlin Visa Application Centre:
  • Bollywood Travels GmbH
    Turken Str. 25A
    13349 Berlin

    1. Fill in the application form online at Please use Internet Explorer for best display
    2. While filling up the form, select Indian Mission as “Germany – Berlin” or “Germany - Munich” depending on your jurisdiction.
    3. Print and sign your application at all indicated places, below the photograph on the front page and at the declaration on the last page.
    4. Affix one recent passport-sized photo (50x50mm, colour and identical with a light background) onto the photograph column and sign below the photo. Also send an additional photo IMPORTANT: Photograph specification should be strictly followed. The format is different from the German passport-size photograph.
    5. Transfer correct and applicable fees (Visa fee, Consular Surcharge, International Visa Services Europe Service Fee, SMS and Courier Fee and any other applicable fee) into the International Visa Services Europe GmbH.

      Bank Details for Electronic Fund Transfer for Berlin Postal Applications::
      Bollywood Travels GmbH
      Post Bank
      IBAN: DE 3310 0100 1002 4357 5106
    6. Send the following to the India Visa Center, India Visa Application Centre by registered mail:
      • Hard copy of the online application form duly signed.
      • Two recent photographs (50x50 mm, colour & identical with a light background).
      • Original Passport (should be valid for more than 180 days at the time of submission).
      • Relevant documents supporting your application depending on the visa type.
      • Copy / proof of bank transfer.
      • You can receive back your passport in the following way:
    7. Visa Order Form for Postal application.
        Electronic Funds Transfer
        Important Instructions for Electronic Fund Transfer / Bank Transfer (Applicable for postal applications only)
      1. Please transfer the total amount (Visa fee + Service Fee) as one transaction to the International Visa Services Europe GmbH in
        • Berlin bank account for Berlin postal applications.
        • Munich bank account for Munich postal applications.
      2. Please select Visa fee (depends on the category Visa Fees), add the service fee and then transfer as a single transaction.
      3. If one person is sending more than one application, please ensure that fee for all applications are not grouped. Each application must entail a single separate electronic funds transfer.
        Example: One person sending three applications will need to make three different fund transfers to the International Visa Services Europe GmbH bank account.
      4. TRAVEL AGENTS: Only travel agents are allowed to do collective transactions. The name of the agency, number of applications, type of visa has to be precisely reflected on the transfer.
      5. Please do not transfer any amount which is more or less than the exact visa fee and service fee taken together. No extra funds for whatsoever reason should be transferred to the account. Please do not round off the amount and pay anything more or less. Please transfer the exact amount payable only.
      6. Please mention the following details mandatorily as narration while executing the fund transfer:
        Name as it appears in the Passport, Passport number and visa type applied for For Individuals:
        Name as appears in the Passport
        Passport number
        Visa Type e.g. Tourist visa
        For Travel Agents:
        Name of the agency
        Number of applications
        Type of Visa e.g. Tourist visa
      7. Please ensure that proof of the bank transfer is sent along with the application.
IMPORTANT: It is critical that the above instructions are followed when making electronic funds transfers in order to avoid processing delays.

Bank Details for Electronic Fund Transfer for Berlin Postal Applications::
Bollywood Travels GmbH
Post Bank
IBAN: DE 3310 0100 1002 4357 5106

Important Information for Postal Applications
  1. The minimum processing time is 2 weeks. Avoid queries during this period.
  2. Ensure that you apply 4 weeks prior to your proposed departure to avoid inconvenience.
  3. Ensure the envelope containing your passport and documents are properly sealed.
  4. Incomplete applications and incorrect fees will delay the processing of your application.
  5. Postal Application will be processed only after the confirmation of payment in our account.
  6. Do not book your flight unless your visa has been granted.
  7. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  8. International Visa Services GmbH hold no responsibility for loss of the application and passport in transit and timeliness of delivery by Courier.
  9. The passports will be returned only through DHL.
  10. Applicants holding passports other than German passports must be resident in Germany for at least one year as a requirement for grant of all types of visa except Business and Employment. In case of Business and Employment visas, residence of two years in Germany is mandatory. No Employment visa will be issued if stay is less than two years. Proof of residence should be submitted in the form of a recent “Meldebescheinigung”. If the residence period is less than required (See additional forms section), The process can take longer in such cases.
I have read and understood and do hereby agree to the TERMS & CONDITIONS. I would now like to continue with my online application.

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